Scariest Haunted Houses Ghost Hunt Trick Rom Great Adventures Hyip Investment Today!!

We all know how the superstitious Thai people are and the Asian real people in general maze game films movie halloween pics costumes faces houses changi mansion clown most places top ten of you in shell rated masks shrimp radar pro of all times in tx ny pa ohio. So their must be some really good sounds horrors Haunted Houses in Thailand America Hyip Investment uk New Orleans Singapore Bangsar Penang Shah Alam Kuala Lumpur project. I would love to visit one Ghost Hunt in Bangkok places on earth story online ever and check them out, especially at night
Should be plenty around Thailand. I am sure if you just ask Great Adventure stories Trick Rom around it would not take long for a Thai person to tell you where one is online writer fighter movie hunters.
I hear their is on on Sathorn Rd in Bangkok tours face killah hunts rider in the sky scavenger lists bargain and it was a old hospital, but I went looking for it and could not find it.
If a place is haunted stay the hell away, I dont believe in ghosts movies 2010 2011 seal or any of that but still will not go out of my way to see if they are real or not.
Haunted house in Soi Watcharapol i think mostly thai people heard that story for long time but if i were you i'm sure i not go there. All over the world in China, Japan, India, US, Britain, Germany, France, Iraq, Iran, Arab, Asia, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Russia, Korea, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Africa, Nigeria, Australia, Argentina, Paraguay, Honduras, Hawaii and many more have sightings reported cases of disturbance.
For example in W block of GK, Delhi there is a haunted house.Decomposed bodies of the old couple were found in the underground water tank.There are activities in night which neighbour says are ghostly. The news came in a leading english news paper.Also C Block in Defence Colony also known for some haunted houses.

In old delhi area(can't remember the place) there is a story of a headless man riding on horse.It's believed that he was a British officer in British Raj in India long way back.

Also Dwarka too has haunted places.A friend's wife told how she saw a ghost of a woman walking up the roof inside her own room when she was alone at night.
Another famous one is in which(many drivers told) at a lonely stretch with a Peepal tree in Dwarka there is a woman who asks for lift, if lift is not given she runs along with the vehicle with the same speed!

And what more one MNC in Gurgaon near a Cremation Ground is said to be haunted one and activities like doors shutting, things getting down on the floor happens, my friend joined there and left within a week.
Any others?